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Domain extensions

There are hundreds of different domain name extensions, and the amount is growing. The most used extension in the world is .com (commercial). Other common international extensions include .net, .org and .info. National extensions are .fi, .se and .de for example. The European common extension is .eu. Nowdays even private organizations can apply to manage their own extension. Hundreds of new domain extensions have emerged on the market, such as .live, .store, .finance, .pizza, .games and so on. These price of these special extensions can vary alot, from tens to thousands of euros a year. So called premium word extensions can have even higher prices.

For businesses we recommend that they register at least .fi, .com, .net and .eu extensions if they are available. If they have business in many different countries, we recommend that they buy the extensions of those countries. There are many companies around the world that follow the registration of .fi domains, and then register those domain names with the .com extension in hopes to turn a profit.

International extensions can be registered by anyone. National domains might have some country specific restrictions. Before, Finland's .fi extension could only be registered by finnish companies, associations and individuals, but a change in the law on 5.9.2016 allowed registration by foreign entities. The change has increased the interest in .fi domains and many common english words have been registered worldwide. If you have any questions about domain name registrations, our customer service will be glad to help you.

Domain registrations can not offend any protected names (trade names or trademarks). In Finland, Traficom can sanction illegally registered domain names. In international matters, the sanctioning entity is Wipo.

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