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Transferring domain names to Domainkeskus

Domainkeskus is a Traficom approved reseller and registrar. We have been providing services since the year 2000. Our domain management system allows for large amounts of domain names to be managed easily, and billing and management rights can be assigned per department and/or physical site

FI-domain name transfers require a registry transfer key from your current service provider. If your domain does not have a registrar yet or your registrar declines to give you the key, you can request it directly from Traficom.

International domains can be transferred to Domainkeskus by following the steps below:

  1. Ask your current service provider for the domain transfer key ('EPP key', or 'Auth code').
  2. Ask the service provider to remove the transfer lock for the domain
  3. Send the transfer key to us at info@domainkeskus.com.
  4. Confirm with your current service provider that the domains contact information (Whois-info) is up to date, especially the email addresses in the Registrant and Administrative Contact parts.
  5. We will initialize the domain transfer after we have recieved the transfer key. You will recieve an email confirmation, which you'll need to approve for the transfer to go though.



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