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Domainpark, redirects, and own nameservers


If you wish to register a domain name, but you don't wish to use it yet (connect it to the internet), you can choose to park the domain. In this case, the domain name will be registered to your name, but it cannot be used until it has working nameservers. You can update the domainpark service to the nameserver service when you want to start using your domain. The upgrade can be done on the customer page or by contacting our customer service.

Redirects (requires nameserver-service)


The traffic for your domain can be redirected/forwarded to a already existing website. If your website is at http://host/homepage/flowerstore/index.html it can be hard to remember, and the address is too long. When you register a domain which is easy to remember, like flowers.com, it can redirected be to that URL. This is how you get an address that is easy to promote and remember. URL-redirecting is often used only for marketing purposes.


FRAME-redirect is similar to URL-redirect, but while using FRAME-redirect, the browsers address bar will show the shorter address, rather than the long one.
NOTE: Please remember, that frame-redirect might not always work, if your site has multi-level redirects. In business use, we always recommend that your site is hosted at the same URL as the domain name.

Own nameservers (.fi and .ax domain names)

If you wish to use your own nameservers or third party nameservers, you can choose own nameservers (omat nimipalvelimet) as the service for your domain. The nameservers for a domain are given though the customer page, nameservers tab and those servers will be configured to the domain name by Domainkeskus. Regarding .ax-domains, nameservers are changed manually by our customer service. Request should be made though customer page and HelpDesk. You cannot manage third party nameservers though our portal, and you should be in contact with the organization that provides nameservers for you. We recommend that you use our nameservers, so that we can help you if any issues come up.





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