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Euronic Oy provides extensive datacenter-services from it's own 500 m2 datacenter (originially owned by Silja Line), which is located in the centre of Turku, Finland.

The datacenter is below ground, the roof and peripheral walls are steel reinforced concrete.
Raised floor, lockable unit cabinets.
24/7 access control and security.
Cooling system components are doubled
Automatic Halotron Shutdown System.
Power supply from two mains, secured by a backup power generator.
Dual A + B inputs to the unit cabinet from two different UPS devices.
Inernet access is implemented though multiple operators (multihoming).
The entire network infrastructre is duplicated.
24/7 monitoring of systems and infrastucture.
Backup to separe fire-proof room.

For more information and quote you can ask by email at myynti@euronic.fi or by phone at +358306606061.

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