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Outlook 2019 (Office 365, Windows)

  1. Check your email settings from email settings search (In Finnish).
  2. Open Outlook, this guide is for the first-time setup.
  3. Enter your email address, click on advanced options and check "Let me set up my account manually".

  4. Select IMAP, unless you are using Office 365 email.

  5. Enter the password for the email account.

  6. It should have been successfully added.

  7.  You should be greeted with something similar after pressing done.

Outlook 2016 (Windows)

Check your email settings from email settings search (In Finnish).

1.Control panel-> Email (Microsoft Outlook 2016) ->

2. Sähköpostitilit (Email accounts)->

3. Uusi (new) ->

4. Määritä manuaalisesti tai lisää palvelintyyppejä  (Configure manually) ->

5. POP or IMAP -> 


Enter email account details:
Email-address: tester@domainkeskus.com
Account type: IMAP
Incoming email server: blade4.euronic.fi
Outgoing email server (SMTP): blade4.euronic.fi
Username: tester@domainkeskus.com
Password: Set in Plesk-mangement interface.

7. Advanced settings -> Outgoing Email Server -tab ->

Check the following boxes: "Use same settings as incoming server".

8. Advanced-tab ->

Incoming email server port: 993, and SSL. Outgoing email server port: 587 and STARTTLS-encryption, email inbox path: INBOX. Save settings. And test.



Outlook 2016 (MacOS)

1. Open Tools > Accounts


2.Add a new email account


3. Enter your email address and click on continue.


4. Choose IMAP/POP as account type.


5. Fill the details with your own email box settings.

NOTE! The details listed on the picture, depend on the email address.

6. Add the account.


Outlook (Android & iOS)

Outlook -> Settings -> Add Account -> Add email account ->

own email address-> Continue -> IMAP -> Advanced settings ->

- Email addresss: tester@domainkeskus.com
- Display name: Your own name
- Description:
- IMAP-hostname: blade4.euronic.fi:993
- IMAP-username: testaaja@domainkeskus.com
- IMAP-password: Set from Plesk-management 
- SMTP-hostname: blade4.euronic.fi:587
- SMTP-username: testaaja@domainkeskus.com
- SMTP-password: Set from Ples-mangement.

Add the email account from right top OK button.

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