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DNS-record types


A-record is used for pointing the domain to an IPv4 address.


AAAA-record is used for pointing the domain name to an IPv6 address.


CNAME-record is used to point the sub-domains traffic to another domain or subdomain.


TXT-records are usually used for verification purposes (checking the owner). DKIM and SPF records also use them.


SRV-record is used to determine the address and port for specifc service, like SIP/VoIP services.


The traffic for your domain can be redirected/forwarded to an already existing website. If your websites address is in a complicated form, for example: http://www.domain.com/home/longexampledomain/index.html, it is hard to remember and unnecessarily long. By registering a domain name that is easy to remember, for example: http://www.domain.com, you can redirect the traffic to your website, and get an easily rememberable domain name. URL-redirecting is often used for advertising purposes.


FRAME-redirect is similar to URL-redirect, but FRAME-redirecting will show the shorter address in the address bar, rather than the long one.
NOTE: Please remember that FRAME-redirecting does not always work if your site has multi-level redirects. In business use, we always recommend that your websites true url address is the same as the domain name.


MX-records are used for defining the domains email servers. MX settings require the mail servers name, for example: mail.yourdomain.com.


MXE-record is used for defining the domains email servers. It requires the email servers IP address, for example:



You can redirect your domains emails to your current email address. You can use any word in front of the @-sign, for example: info@example.com, matti.suomi@example.com, and the emails sent to those addresses will redirect to your email address.

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