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Thunderbird (Windows, Mac and Linux)

1. Press the menu button higlighted in red


2. Go to Options.

3. Go to Account Settings.

4. Go to Account Actions -> Add Mail Account.

5. Fill out the form with required details, press done and after it shows up like so, configure them manually so they are correct.

You can find your email settings from going here: https://en.domainkeskus.com/postiasetukset/tester@domainkeskus.com (Change the email address in the URL to your own)

6. In this case, these are the correct settings, gotten from the above address, click on Done and it will add the account.

7. Click on the account with left mouse button and go to settings.

8. When you get to this screen, please go to Advanced as highligted.

9. Please configure the setttings as shown, and then you can click on OK and OK a secend time.

10. Congrulations, your account has been configured and is ready to be used now.

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