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What domain names are worth registering?

Our customer service gets asked daily: "What kind of domain names are worth registering". So we decided to create a small information package for companies to use. So if any questions arrise / If you have any questions, our customer service will gladly assist you in finding the right doman names for your company.

Before we dive in to the subject. It would be useful to point out why domain names are registered.

  1. A domain name becomes the address for your website and email, and it is used for marketing purposes. This is a very clear reason to register one. Often companies register and maintain their own websites for their products alongside their main website.
  2. Domain names are used to protect your brand and / or product names. Would it bother you, if your competitor registers a domain using your company's or your products name? A good example of this is helsinkigarden.fi, which has been present in finnish media.
  3. One common reason for registering domains is investment. Have you thought of a domain name, that could have it's value increase in to thousands of dollars in a few years?
  4. The free domain names that belong to your field of business are useful for search engine optimization. In search engine optimization, the domain name is very important when talking about keywords.


So what shoud we register?

If your primary focus is on Finnish markets, we recommend a .fi domain name extension as your primary one, with secondary ones being .com, .net and .eu. The secondary domains will be redirected to the primary one, so that the website and emails work with every address.

If your primary focus is on international markets, we recommend a .com or .eu extension as your primary one, with the secondary ones being .fi and .net.

What comes before the extension depends on what you do. Often the name of a business or a brand, or an abbreviation of it is used. In some cases, you should think about optimizing search engine visibility by getting a domain name that is related to the type of your business.

Wether you operate in Finland, or internationally, it is good to protect your trademarks as extensively as possible to prevent your competitors from registering domains with your brand or product names.

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