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Domain names are connected to the internet through Nameservers (DNS). Without nameservers, domains do not work and cannot be used. Our system consists of 3 nameservers where the nameservers are separeted to different servers and geographically. This is how we can ensure redundancy with the nameservers.

We use the following nameservers:

  • ns1.euronic.fi
  • ns2.euronic.fi
  • ns3.euronic.fi 

We can do all kinds of redirects though our nameservers, like where the website is located, where to route emails and etc. It's also possible to verify domain name ownership to 3rd parties (Google for example) through DNS. To find out more, go to nameserver settings.

When you use our nameservers, the customer always has access to name server settings/records where they can manage them in realtime. When a customer orders a webhotel and/or an email service from us, we handle the nameserver settings for them. DNS-changes can also be requested through the customer portal - HelpDesk, without any costs for the changes.



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