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Billing address

1. Log-in to the customer page at  https://en.domainkeskus.com/asiakassivu with your customer account.

2. Open page, "own details"

3. Click on "Edit" below your contact details.

4. Update your contact information.

5. Choose a method to send the bill in billing method.

If your billing and visiting address are not the same, please click on "Own Details" and "Create new billing address". Fill out the fields with your billing information. When it has been created, next to all addresses, there will be a "edit" button. Click on it and assing all of the domains you want to that billing address. 

Notice! Email bills are sent from laskutus (at) domainkeskus.com address. It's stonrgly adviced to whitelist it, thus ensuring that you will recieve them.


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