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Domain name registration and renewal

You can search for available domains on our homepage at https://en.domainkeskus.com with our domain search and registration tool. If you don't find information on a particular exotic domain extension or rarer country domain, please contact our customer support so we can check the availability and price for you.

Domain names are registered for a specific time period. Minimum time is usually one year (.fi, .com and .net for example). On the other hand, on some specific extensions it can be two years or more (examples are .nu, mobi). Maximum time is usually 5 years (example .fi) or 10 years (examples .com, .net). There are hundreds of different domain name extensions nowdays and new extensions (examples .live, .io, .istore, etc) are constantly being brought to the market. These "exotic" domain name extensions and different country-code based extensions price and registration rules can differ quite a bit. If needed, please ask for more information from our customer service.

Domain names can usually be renewed or extended inside the maximum registration time frame when the domain is active and during it's grace-period. You can renew or extend the registration time through the customer page. If the registration is not renewed by the customer, we will email the customer concerning the expiration date and send a renewal bill using the selected payment method (email and postal mail for example). Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date at all times and to pay the bill in advance as you possibly can before the expiration (please note the banking delays).

When a domains registration time ends, the domain name will stop working. It's usually possible to renew the domain during it's grace-period. Grace-period usually lasts for about a month, but it can differ. Some of the extensions might intoduce extra expenses to be paid if the domain name has been allowed to expire. After the grace-period, the domain name will again be available to anybody who wishes to register it. So please make sure it does not happen, unless you really want it to.

Regarding .fi-domain names, the registration and renewal rules changed on 5.9.2016. Most important change was, that every .fi-domain name needed a registrar. Domain names could not be registered or renewed directly though Traficom. Domainkeskus is a verified registar and all .fi domains registered through us will be automatically linked to our register account. You can order a domain name transfer from our website at https://en.domainkeskus.com/tilaa/siirto

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