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Choosing the right webhotel

Webhotel-service means a service where we maintain websites, email and other services. Webhotel server is a shared platform, where depending on server resources, there can be 100-500 customers per server. Domainkeskus has been providing these services since the year 2000 and we currently maintain tens of thousands of websites on our servers.

Usually web hotel services have been compared by their included storage space and email box limits. But this is only one thing to consider when choosing the right package/webhotel. The most important aspects to consider are the manageability of different webhotel options, and having enough server resources for your needs.


From the management interface, you bascially admister all aspects of the web hotel and applications. All of Domainkeskus' web hotels have Plesk-management interface. Plesk has the most advanced security and management features on the market. Plesk is used to manage tens of millions domains all over the world. Even though plesk has plenty of advanced features, it has been made easy to use. You don't need to be an I.T expert to know how to use it. Plesk can be a little bit more expensive for the provider and that's why some providers choose to provide the cheaper alternatives, at the cost of the customer. Plesk also has a toolkit for WordPress, which is not usually found on other management interfaces. More in depth descriptions and instructions can be found below.

Service levels

We offer three different service levels for webhotels:

  • Economy
  • Business
  • First Class

All of the different levels are secure and they are maintained in their own high grade data center (Previously Silja Line's data center) in Turku, Finland. The data center has a duplicated power supply, a duplicated UPS, internet connection from two different internet service providers and a diesel powered generator on site. Everyone working with the servers are working in the same building and are IT specialists with an experience of 5-20 years in the industry.

Economy-webhotels are best suited for individual customers and for small business usage. They are trustworthy, cost-effective and provide a very good perfrmance for small websites. There is a little bit less processing power and memory when compared to Business- and First Class -levels and there is no High Availability environment. This package is the right choice for you if your website is lightweight and visiting number are not that high.

Business-webhotels are the best in the industry. The high availability environment, powerful processors and plenty of memory enable the servers to handle heavyweight and highly visited websites with ease. This package is great for WordPress and Joomla based sites. We guarantee an uptime of at least 99,9% for the Business level webhotels.

First Class Privat-webhotels come with their own server, with no other customers on it. This gives you the ability to optimize the server to your needs, and there are no resource problems caused by other users. The server's resources can be increased based on your needs, and it's system and security updates are handled by Domainkeskus. We guarantee an uptime of at least 99,9% for the First Class Privat webhotels.

WOO®-websitebuilder is not a webhotel and it doesn't include the Plesk management interface, but it is a great option when the most important thing is to build and update your website easily. Building a website with WOO doesn't require experience, so even inexperienced customers can use it without wasting much time. WOO's modern drag & drop technique and it's different content modules are easy to learn and use. WOO doesn't use databases, so the responsive website made with it open fast, and that is why Google and other search engines rate it's clear structure high in search results. WOO is also very secure as it does not require vulnerable extensions or themes like WordPress for example. You can find more information about WOO here (only in Finnish).

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